Connect Us with Grants or Fundraising Opportunities

"Invisible threads are the strongest ties." ― Friedrich Nietzsche

The Backpack Project is built on a foundation of love and kindness, and we rely on the charity of others to achieve our mission. Corporate grants and personal donations constitute perhaps the most valuable avenues for raising funds, so it is critical to the success of our organization that we unearth and explore these opportunities.

GRANTS: Most companies set aside a certain amount of money to disburse each year to charitable organizations and causes that they support, and they issue these endowments in the form of grants. If you work for a company or are involved in an organization that offers grants to nonprofits or if you know someone who does, please share this valuable opportunity with us.

FUNDRAISING OPPORTUNITIES: Personal donations of one’s time and money constitute the grassroots of fundraising for The Backpack Project. They are the most personal, genuine type of donation that one can make. Fundraising opportunities – events or programs which generate numerous personal donations which are then rolled into a single donation at the conclusion of the event or program -- are limitless; some ideas include a bake sale, a crowdfunding program, or a department or grade challenge.

While we rely on the generosity of those willing to give, we also rely on those who are willing to step forward and help us tap into these opportunities. If you have an idea for a fundraising program or are able to connect us with a grant opportunity, please email us at We are excited to work with you as we explore new paths to ease the burden of homelessness!