Qualities of a backpack

“This is a blessing…I’m about to start crying. The fact that y’all take time out of your lives is just awesome. The sun is already shining, and y’all make it shine that much brighter.”

- Al S., Homeless for Two Months

What comes in a backpack?

"The young people who have initiated this effort are bright, energetic, caring and quite selfless. They are willing to devote their time, energy, and personal funds to the production of backpacks filled with needed goods for the homeless. More important to me is their willingness to build relations with those who contribute to the project and those who benefit from having someone provide goods to help them through difficult times."

-Dr. Sylvia Hutchinson
Professor Emerita at The University of Georgia

Backpack Pricing

“They’re doing an awesome thing…and I’m thankful to be blessed by them. Thank you for being so thoughtful and kindhearted to people like me who are homeless and needed something and sitting here with no home and no money in my pocket and not even a job, and I’m really grateful for what they did.”

- Joe B., Homeless for Three Years