Sponsor a Distribution Program

“Be the change that you wish to see in the world.” ― Mahatma Gandhi

If your company is looking to go above and beyond in serving others, then The Backpack Project’s “Sponsor a Distribution” program is for you. Whether you are a small firm or a large corporation that is looking to make a significant impact in your community, this program offers the perfect platform for you to mobilize your company and its employees to make a tangible and meaningful difference in the lives of the homeless in our communities.

The process is simple. The Backpack Project makes every homeless care backpack for $20 or less, with each backpack containing more than 40 items of food, clothing and toiletries. If your company is interested in sponsoring a backpack distribution, the first step is to view the table below and select the level of sponsorship that your company and its employees – possibly with the help of their friends, family, and colleagues -- wish to achieve.

Sponsor a Distribution Tiers

25 Backpacks
$500 Distribution
50 Backpacks
$1,000 Distribution
100 Backpacks
$2,000 Distribution
250 Backpacks
$5,000 Distribution

Then decide how your company wants to meet its goal:

(1) Direct donation by your company via check or online through TBP’s website, with the option of your employees volunteering to pack and/or distribute the backpacks sponsored. Since TBP buys the backpacks and supplies at wholesale prices, a monetary donation to TBP offers greater purchasing power.

(2) Employee involvement in the fundraising process, with the option of packing and/or distributing the sponsored backpacks. This alternative provides an opportunity for the employees to directly participate in raising funds, by reaching out to their network of family, friends and colleagues to let them know how they are helping the homeless in Atlanta and Athens and asking them to sponsor a backpack (or two). Employees or the company can start their own GoFundMe page to facilitate online donations or just collect cash or checks made payable to The Backpack Project.

(3) A combination of options (1) and (2), with your company matching the funds raised by your employees.

If your company is interested in sponsoring a backpack distribution, please email us at admin@thebackpackproject.ngo with your contact information. We are available to answer any questions you may have or provide supporting documentation regarding The Backpack Project. This is an opportunity for your company and its employees to work together to make a difference in our community, and we hope that you will join hands with us in our mission to ease the burden of homelessness. 

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