Host a Backpack or Supplies Drive

“Action is the foundational key to success.” ― Pablo Picasso

Backpacks and the supplies that go into them form the core of our mission. While The Backpack Project purchases most of its inventory, certain items are particularly expensive, so donations of these items will enable us to provide more backpacks for the homeless.


Take the backpack itself, for example. Even at wholesale rates, a backpack that meets our quality and size standards consumes the largest chunk of the twenty dollars allocated for that one backpack and its contents. For this reason, The Backpack Project relies primarily on donations of backpacks. We need your help to ensure that The Backpack Project has enough backpacks to continue to serve the homeless in our communities. Collecting new and gently used backpacks through your child’s school, your office or other venues is one of the most valuable services you can perform for The Backpack Project.

Then there are the supplies. While The Backpack Project purchases all of its supplies at wholesale rates and in bulk, some essential supplies – such as peanut butter, gloves and scarves -- simply cost a lot of money. But here’s the key: most of us already have these items in our cupboards and closets. A supplies drive is a great way to leave your mark, and it can be held through your child’s school, your office, a place of worship, or other organizations to which you belong.


If you are interested in hosting a backpack or supplies drive, please send us an email at Thank you for assisting The Backpack Project in making a meaningful difference in the lives of the homeless.